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Podcast: Leading without the Title: Becoming a Natural Leader – with Hong Tang

Hong Tang is the cofounder, president, and chief medical officer at OnQuality Pharmaceuticals with over 15 years of experience in both drug development and medical affairs, and she’s been a part of all phases of clinical trials. OnQuality is doing amazing work developing innovative drugs and drug delivery systems to improve the quality of life of oncology patients. In this episode, we dive into Hong’s heart, her passions, and what drives her work in the medical field. Enjoy! Some highlights of our conversation include:

1:40 – Taking risks means accepting consequences. 4:03 – Feel the fear and do it anyway. 6:00 – What’s the worst that could happen, and what’s the reward? Advice for handling fear. 7:43 – Moving past a fear of failure. 9:52 – Values: Family takes precedence. 11:00 – Lessons learned when values are tested. 13:13 – Values can’t always be binary. 14:08 – Work-life harmonization. 15:54 – The importance of collaboration: Learning to be people-smart. 19:24 – Humility: The ability to respect and connect with others is what sets us apart. 22:22 – Facilitating progress from a servant leadership position. 25:17 – Risk management: Helping emerging leaders on the path to servant leadership. 28:31 – Give being nice a try. 30:20 – Leading without the title. 31:11 – Patience and humility as core values. 33:13 – As the leader goes, so does the team: Staying calm in the face of stress. 35:52 – Learning from the negatives. 37:04 – Seek advice early and often.

Hong participates in a LinkedIn initiative for coaching and mentoring young leaders, and welcomes questions anytime. You can find Hong on LinkedIn here –

For more information about OnQuality Pharmaceuticals, visit Or follow OnQuality on LinkedIn.

Notable quotes from this episode:

“The ability to seamlessly transition between work and personal life becomes so important.” – Hong Tang “You need to be people-smart. You need to learn to collaborate with other people; nobody knows everything.” – Hong Tang “Give being nice a try.” – Jeff Harmon “We can only learn through negative experiences.” – Hong Tang “Achieving a win-win solution is more important than being right.” – Hong Tang


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