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Informa I Scrip Asks…What Does 2022 Hold For Biopharma? Part 4: Therapeutic Area Advances

High Hopes In COVID-19, Cancer, CNS, Immunology And Rare Disease

By Eleanor Malone March 1, 2022

Executive Summary

Evolving challenges will keep the COVID-19 pipeline active, while oncology, immunology and CNS are areas also expected to see much progress in 2022. Industry executives look forward to the year in therapeutic R&D. Meanwhile, cancer treatment in general is notorious for its side-effect profile. Michael McCullar, CEO of OnQuality Pharmaceuticals LLC, which develops supportive therapies for cancer patients, pointed out that these patients need to “not only live longer but also live better.” He thought that “as the industry continues to find new ways to treat cancers, in 2022 it will become increasingly important to also deliver new approaches to help manage the side effects of cancer treatments.”


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