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Clinical Trials Arena I OnQuality: developing treatments to combat cancer therapy side effects

By Kezia Parkins OnQuality’s chief medical officer and co-founder Hong Tang discusses the firm’s pipeline of cancer supportive care drugs. The oncology space is one of the largest hotbeds for drug development and innovation, and in the past few decades, a spate of new and effective cancer therapies have come to market.

While these treatments are often extremely powerful and can be life-saving, they aren’t without their downsides. Many of them cause adverse reactions and side effects that are very hard on the patients already battling cancer.

Some of these side-effects are so severe that certain patients cannot tolerate them, leading to them reducing the dose or halting treatment altogether.

Unfortunately, innovation in cancer supportive care doesn’t measure up to the innovation in cancer drug development. There are very few approved drugs available for the myriad side effects experienced by cancer patients in treatment, some of which occur in around 50% of patients.

One company dedicated to relieving these symptoms and improving cancer patients’ quality of life is OnQuality Pharmaceuticals, a start-up established in 2019 with a presence in both the US and China. The firm has five cancer supportive care drugs in its pipeline, one of which is already in Phase II clinical trials.

Clinical Trials Arena sat down with OnQuality’s chief medical officer and co-founder Hong Tang to find out more about its lead candidate, OQL011, and the other treatments it is developing for various cancer drug side effects with a large unmet need. Read more here:


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