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Behind Biotech I Hong Tang on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Targeted Cancer Supportive Therapy

Hosted by Jingyi Liu

August 3, 2022

Hong Tang Biography

Dr. Hong Tang is Chief Medical Officer, and co-founder of OnQuality Pharmaceuticals. Hong is a Board-certified internal medicine physician with more than 15 years’ experience in both drug development and medical affairs, and conducted all phases of clinical trials. She served as VP, Executive Medical Director, Medical Director, and Medical Officer in Dendreon, Juno, Astellas, BMS and NIH. OnQuality Pharmaceuticals is designing targeted cancer supportive care treatments aimed at preventing and treating the intolerable side effects caused by specific cancer drugs. Their mission is to make fighting cancer easier by alleviating the side effects of anti-cancer therapy, so the patients can continue cancer treatment and live with a better quality of life. OnQuality is based in Seattle and Shanghai. She received her medical degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hefei, China, pursued her graduate study in Western medicine in Guangzhou, China, and at the University of Texas in San Antonio. She is also board certified in internal medicine and practiced as an internist in Indiana for almost 7 years.

In this episode of Behind Biotech, we spoke with Hong about:

  • Starting her career in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and how this education on holistic patient care influenced her career path

  • The need for more targeted cancer supportive therapy, such as IL-6 inhibitors for CAR-T

  • OnQuality’s current pipeline in oncodermatology and oncogastroenterology

Listen to the episode here:


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